A novel preoperative ultrasonography protocol for prediction of bichectomy procedure

Filipe Jaeger, Carlos Henrique Bettoni Cruz de Castro, Gabriella Marques Pinheiro, Ana Cristina Rodrigues Antunes de Souza, Gui Tarcisio Mazzoni Junior, Ricardo Alves de Mesquita, Gustavo Batista Menezes, Leandro Napier de Souza


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the use of preoperative ultrasonography as a
complementary diagnostic tool to aid in the decision of bichectomy procedure. Thirty-two patients,
more than 18 years, with aesthetics and functional complaints were clinical evaluated by three
experienced surgeons and previous selected to bichectomy procedure. The study sample consisted of
29 females (ranged from 21 to 46; mean 26.7 years) and 3 males (ranged from 31 to 40; mean 36.0
years). After the ultrasonography, the surgical procedure was contraindicated in nine patients (28.12%)
based in buccal fat pad volume. The ultrasonography proved to be an effective tool to improve the
diagnosis and clinical decision avoiding unnecessary surgeries and diminishing unreal expectations
from the patients.

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