DocGenealogy – Visualizing the doctoral advisors and mentors genealogic tree

  • David Paiva Fernandes
  • Elizabeth Simão Carvalho


DocGenealogy is a data mining project that allows the visualization and exploration of the doctoral advisement/mentoring relationship through an interactive graph chart. Wikipedia is known for its informal collaborative nature, based on a somewhat loose and non-structural way of producing information, and one of its strengths is, in fact, the openness to all sorts of collaborations. DocGenealogy uses the Wikipedia available data on doctoral advisement and mentoring to find out and track the existing relationships between advisors or mentors and their students. The data mining process starting point is always some well-known scientist. This process continues until finding all the ultimate reputed co-related advisors and mentors, and builds iteratively the relationship graph. Besides this, DocGenealogy also visually shows how people are distributed by alma mater and field of knowledge. The main objective of the work is to evaluate the effectiveness of the graph-oriented techniques in the interpretation of data from Wilipedia infoboxes.
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Fernandes, D. P., & Carvalho, E. S. (2018). DocGenealogy – Visualizing the doctoral advisors and mentors genealogic tree. Abakós, 6(2), 3-20.
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