Call for Papers: Special Edition - "70 years of United Nations peace operations: assessments and perspectives"

Special Edition "70 years of United Nations peace operations: assessments and perspectives"


Geraldine Marcelle Moreira Braga Rosas Duarte (PUC Minas)

Ricardo Oliveira dos Santos (PUC-Rio)

Deadline for paper submissions: December 10, 2018.

Since the deployment of the first peace operation under the aegis of the United Nations in 1948, the activities authorized for the management and resolution of conflicts of such multilateral instrument have been progressively widened. Including elements beyond the military component, such as civilian and police tasks, UN peacekeeping operations are also faced with a number of contemporary challenges such as: protection of civilians, limits on the use of force, member states capacities and their performances on the ground, and not exhaustively, the question of gender - in its various dimensions. In order to respond effectively to armed conflicts, the United Nations has, since the beginning of the 1990s, been undergoing a normative and institutional reform process that extends to the present day. As part of a broad debate on the balances and perspectives of peace operations, the Conjuntura Internacional Journal is organizing a special edition in the year in which these operations complete 70 years of existence to offer a reflection on the following issues:

1) The contributions of peace operations to conflict resolution;

2) Normative and institutional development from the 1990s and its future prospects;

3) Dilemmas and challenges for the protection of civilians in increasingly unstable contexts and with increasing risks for peacekeepers (such as terrorism, private security agents and other hostile elements on the ground);

4) The implications for the progressive authorization of the use of force in peace operations;

5) Discussions on the capacities and performances of member states;

6) Gender challenges: the low inclusion of women in formal peace processes and reconstruction, in the armed forces of the Member States of the United Nations, cases of sexual abuse and exploitation.

7) The difficulties of articulation between the United Nations, regional organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the promotion of peace.

8) The Brazilian contribution, from a strategic, operational and tactical point of view for United Nations peace operations.

Other topics, as long as they are related to the proposed central axis, will be evaluated by the editorial team.