William Daldegan, Carlos Eduardo Carvalho Brics as a Dynamic and in Process Phenomenon of Global Planning:
An Analysis Based on the 2009-2020 Annual Summit Declaraons
Brics as a Dynamic and in Process
Phenomenon of Global Planning: An
Analysis Based on the 2009-2020 Annual
Summit Declarations
Brics como Fenómeno Dinámico y en Proceso de la
Coyuntura Global: un análisis basado en las Declaraciones
anuales de la Cumbre 2009-2020
Brics como Fenômeno Dinâmico e Processual da
Conjuntura Global: uma análise baseada nas Declarações
das Cúpulas anuais de 2009-2020
William Daldegan1
Carlos Eduardo Carvalho2
DOI: 10.5752/P.2317-773X.2022v10.n1.p117
Recebido em: 17 de março de 2021
Aprovado em: 14 de fevereiro de 2022
Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are very heterogeneous coun-
tries and the BRICS is a very original arrangement. This paper asserts that the
BRICS is a dynamic and in process phenomenon: dynamic because it is devel-
oped according to the member’s perceptions about world scenario, without
establishing limitations on strategies and initiatives of each member country; in
process because it is developed through specic processes, in which members
do not point any destination or institutionalization to be achieved. At the annual
summit meetings held regularly since 2009, the BRICS issues a Declaration.
The most prominent topics on the international framework are punctuated
and criticized, with generic proposals to handle or to solve them. The declara-
tions do not show any progressive stages on approaching these topics, neither
consolidation of commitments among the members on them. Such documents
represent the main primary source for the characterization of the group and its
behavior. The innovation of this paper is to deepen the use of primary sources
to move forward in the eort for the BRICS conceptualization and to analyze its
performance throughout the years. The documentary analysis of Summit Dec-
larations is developed by using two text analysis software packages, AntConc
and VOSviewer.
Key Words: BRICS Countries; BRICS Summit Declarations; Governance Instru-
ments; Documentary Sources; Documentary Analysis.
1. PhD in International Relations (San
Tiago Dantas – Unesp/ Unicamp/ PUC
SP), Professor at the Institute of Philos-
ophy, Sociology and Politics of Federal
University of Pelotas (UFPel). E-mail:
william.daldegan@gmail.com. ORCID:
2. PhD in Economics (Unicamp),
Professor at Economics Department at
PUCSP and Post-Graduate Program in
International Relations San Tiago Dan-
tas (Unesp/ Unicamp/PUCSP). E-mail:
cecarv@uol.com.br. ORCID: https://