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Don Cupitt


Jesus had preached the arrival of Kingdom. It was time to start living the life of the Last World, as if you were standing at the very end of Time. And that is the position in which I find myself, a secular Christian at the end of my world. At times I have called my religion ‘Emptiness and Brightness’, ‘Empty radical humanism’, ‘the religion of life’, and ‘Kingdom theology’. It’s nothing very special; it’s where we post-Christian Westerners now are. And I rather like it: I’m not complaining.

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CUPITT, D. A Secular Christian. HORIZONTE - Revista de Estudos de Teologia e Ciências da Religião, v. 13, n. 37, p. 542-549, 3 abr. 2015.
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Don Cupitt, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

English philosopher of religion and scholar of Christian theology. He has been an Anglican priest and a professor at Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge, known as a popular writer, broadcaster and commentator