The Potential and the Pitfalls of Metatheory in IR

  • Lucas Grassi Freire Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa
Palavras-chave: Metatheory, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Science, IR Theory, Methodology


Metatheory is a type of systematic discourse on theory in a given academic discipline. This article further explores this notion of metatheory and critically discusses a number of views against and in favour of metatheory in International Relations (IR). There are ‘strong’ and ‘mild’ claims against metatheoretical IR that should not be ignored. Nevertheless, some of the claims against metatheory in IR contradict themselves. Besides, the ‘strong’ claim that aims for the complete elimination of metatheoretical discourse in IR depends on metatheory as a presupposition. For this reason, it cannot be maintained. ‘Mild’ claims, on the other hand, acknowledge to some extent the potential of metatheory in IR, whilst pointing out contingent problems in its current form. Some of these issues are acknowledged and contrasted with a number of claims in favour of metatheory, leading to a moderate defence of metatheoretical discourse in IR.


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Lucas Grassi Freire, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa
Associate Researcher at OBSERVARE (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa).
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Grassi Freire, L. (1). The Potential and the Pitfalls of Metatheory in IR. Estudos Internacionais: Revista De relações Internacionais Da PUC Minas, 1(2), 271-302. Recuperado de